The Wyoming Wild Bunch

We are a like minded group of Authentic Western Enthusiasts who share our hobby "dare I say obsession" with the Old American West. Formed in 1990 our society has grown in numbers with members now coming from all over the country. The aim of our society is to perpetuate a true vision of the Old American West from 1800 - 1900. 
The Old American West was one of the most colourful yet short lived periods in history. The Cowboy era lasted little more than a generation from the end of the Civil War untill the late 1880's however there were still a few ranches which carried on operating right into the 1900's until bad weather, poor range managment and disastrous cattle market prices forced an end to the
old Cowboy way of life.

Now through our living history Re-enactments, the people and events from this period of history come alive.

We Are Members of

    National Association of Re-enactment Societies


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