The Wyoming Wild Bunch


Typical drover's clothing comprised of Boots, Chaps, Trousers, Shirt and Hat.

Cowboy boots generally had a high top to protect the lower legs, pointed toes to help guide the foot into the stirrup, and high heels to keep the foot from slipping through the stirrup while working in the saddle; with or without spurs which were often detachable.

Chaps were worn to protect the legs while on horseback, especially riding through heavy brush or during rough work with the livestock.

The trousers were worn either on their own or under chaps. They were commonly made from a heavy cotton/canvas like Material or from wool. Some trousers had an insert in the seat area due to this usually wearing out first from so many hours in the saddle.

Shirts would have traditionally been made from linen or linen blends, cotton or cotton blends, or lightweight wool.

There were different styles of shirts: bib front, band collar shirt and undershirts. If an undershirt was worn on the outside than a man would wear a waistcoat over the top to be respectable.

The hat was very an important part of the drovers attire. Not only did it keep their heads warm and dry in the cold winter months, it also kept the sun off in the summer. The wide brim also made quick work of fanning a fire. It could be used to whip a horse, wave to distant riders, and yes, even lend an air of grace and prestige to the man beneath its brim!


The Women

The Women of the west typicaly wore Victorian clothes which consisted of: shoes/boots, skirt and blouse or a dress and a hat.

By 1860, the popularity of the newly invented sewing machine made possible the expansion of women's wardrobes. Aniline dyes (made from coal tar) were new and produced brighter colors than natural dyes (made from plants) and did not fade as quickly. Bright colors and complex designs that appear strident and rather wild to our modern tastes were popular. Skirts were wide, which made waists appear tiny. Corsets contributed to this effect by establishing trim lines over which close-fitting bodices could sit smoothly.

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